The Committee

Our Greek school is run by the Governing Committee which consists of 13  members & 2 co-opted members who are independently and democratically elected by the parents of attending students at the Annual General Meeting.

The Headteacher, Mr Michael Ellinas alongside with the Governing Committee work diligently and systematically to ensure the school runs smoothly, effectively, progressively year after year and to fulfil the aims and objectives of the school.

The 2016/17 Governing Committee of the I.G.E.I.O.B.


 Chairman -  Peter Ctori

 Vice Chairman - George Demetriou

 Secretary - Joanna Thomas

 Treasurer - Maria Kyriacou

 Organising Secretary - Andreas Kyriacou


Committee Members

 Anthony Christodoulou

 Christos Kyprianos

 Chris Petinou

 Demetrios Shiamishis

 Nicolleta Kessaris

 Soulla Callis

 Steve Chambi

 Vasos Demetriou

Associated Members

 Maria Paschali


Mothers' Committee Chairwoman

 Tina Hajigeorgiou

Headteacher of Manor Hill Greek School

 Michael Ellinas                                          

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